Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Panamax Surge Protection

Power Systems, an authorized internet Panamax dealer at www.powersystemsdirect.com, carries the full Panamax surge protection line. Panamax makes so called whole house surge protectors, and surge protectors for computers, home theater systems, copiers, and many other devices. Panamax protection is guaranteed, the make nothing other than protectors, and, they sit on the IEEE committtee for protection. They make superb surge protection devices. They are the *only* surge protection equipment endorsed by Time Warner, EchoStar, Shar Video, Fujitsu Video, Yamaha, and Bang and Olufsen.

A quick summary of the Panamax surge protector product lines; Surgeprotector 8 series units are the least expensive strip style protectors. Powermax 8 series units add protect or disconnect circuitry for longer life, have a higher energy dissipation rating, and a higher warranty. Max 8 series units add an even higher warranty, Surgegate circuitry for even longer life, and the highest strip energy dissipation rating. The Max 2 series is for portable or space sensitive applications. Primax Service entrance protectors are whole house surge protectors for residential and small business. Signal line modules are add-on protection. Panamax Imagepro are units designed for heavy duty office applications, such as copy machines. In-Line series are for 220V office applications.

Many Panamax surge protectors use Surgegate technology as part of the hybrid design. The newer EX compoment series use a new technology called AVM, automatic voltage monitoring (patent pending). Competing brands claim to disconnect power if their surge rating is exceeded. Well, this is sort of true. What usually happens is their own circuitry is disconnected, but dangerous over-voltages still get through. Not with Panamax. The Joule rating is unimportant with the Surgegate circuit. Also, Surgegate technology means the surge protector has a very long life, thus the lifetime warranty on most Panamax products. The surge protector is not set up to "sacrifice itself" as most of them are. AVM adds predictive surge detection, meaning, that unlike the older series, it will only vut off power under true problem conditions. If you are thinking series mode protector, think again, they use a coil, and coils pass voltage through during prolonged surges (Won't happen? Ever hear of an ice storm?). Finally, most any UPS will also die during a prolonged surge as they have no protection against it. Surgegate and AVM technology keeps a Panamax surge protector working even during a prolonged surge. If you need power backup as well as surge protection, your best bet for your equipment is BOTH. Attach the UPS to the Panamax surge protector.

For phone protection, Panamax uses SIDACtor devices along with Positive Temperature Coefficient Resistors. What does this really mean? SIDACtors are great for phone line protection, but can be overloaded. The PTCR acts as a automatic circuit breaker, it shuts down when a fault is detected, and reconnects when safe. Some other brands use SIDACtors, but use a fuse instead. This means when the fuse blows, you have to repair your surge protector and meanwhile you are not protected. Other brands use MOVs to protect the phone circuit, which do not work very well for phone lines. Also, do not be fooled into thinking that little phone company device hooked near your box outside the house (called a network interface device) will protect you against all surges. We've heard numerous reports of damage through the phone lines, and you probably know someone who has taken damage.

For coaxial protection, competing brands usually use gas tubes to protect coax lines. Gas tubes have a high limiting voltage, around 90 volts DC, which lets too large a surge through to your equipment. In a typical surge, the slow response time causes a typical let through voltage of around 200-300 volts AC, way too high. Also, there is a huge difference between voltage requirements for satellite vs non-satellite coax. Satellite devices need around 27 volts, coax antenna, cable, etc. only need around 1volt. Other brands do not distinguish between the two! So, if you see the competition with ONE circuit for both satellite and cable, think about it carefully! Panamax has a better way.

Some Panamax products also employ a Surgegate PLUS circuit, such as the M8C-EX. This means that you are protected against under-voltages as well as over-voltages. Does your competing brand offer this? Under-voltages are very dangerous, just like over voltages. The new AVM technology described above under SURGEGATE also predicts lower voltage situations and protects as well.

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